The focus of the CHILD ART course is to nurture the imagination of the children, to build a strong foundation, in creative thinking using forms, colouring and drawing techniques. Starting with practice work subjects like human figures, animals, vehicles, festivals and a lot of other fun topics would be covered. Sample

Basic Painting course is advisable for students of 5th and 6th standards. The emphasis is given on learning different techniques and to handle water & poster colours effectively. This course is useful for students appearing for Elementary and Intermediate examinations. Sample

These are government grade exams which covers six subjects in art; namely Still Life, Nature Drawing, Memory Drawing, Freehand Drawing and Geometry. The Intermediate Drawing Grade Certificate is recognized as a basic qualification for students.

Shading techniques, separate practice for eyes, nose and lips and drawing basic face structure with proportions will be taught. Portraits with charcoal pencil, water colours and colour pencils are also taught in advance course. Sample

Suitable for fashion designing students. This course enables the students to experiment with different mediums, to understand the mechanical and flashed out croquie with proportions and thus to exaturate, beautify and create their own designer style of drawing figures. Sample

Calligraphy means the art of beautiful handwriting. Starting with practice strokes and pen angles several styles of alphabets like Roman, Italics, Unical, Old English etc. will be taught. This course is ideal for students who want to improve their handwriting and it is also useful in making projects, greeting cards, artworks, banners and simply writing a letter.

This course is aimed at creating beautiful landscapes made from water colours. The watery flow and the transparency of the medium makes the course dynamic. Sample

This is an advanced drawing and painting course with subjects like Object Drawing (manmade & nature). 2D design, Memory Drawing, Perspective, Colour Theory and sketching. Useful for the students taking up a career in Fine Art, Applied Art, Animation etc. Sample

Subjects like landscapes, seascapes, figurative paintings, abstract art are done on canvas using oil colours. A unique gift for your loved ones or simply hang it in your home and see your room come to life.

We also conduct weekly Craft workshops where students (Std IV TO VIII) are taught articles like Paper bags, Punch craft, Gift packaging, Jewellery box, Mseal jewellery, Greeting cards, Ceramic Painting, Paper flowers, Fabric painting, Photo frames, Clay molding, Mirror embossing, Pot painting and much more. Vacation batches for Craft also conducted. Sample

You can now gift your loved ones their portraits on their birthday or anniversary. The portrait can be done in pencil shading or oil colours. All you need to do is submit a good quality photograph with good shade & light. Sample